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that’s it. that’s the show.


being told i was smart and above average from a young age was probably one of the worst things to happen to me because now i have a complex and question my entire existence when i dont excel at something right away

we’ve done the impossible, and that makes us mighty.

Track: Mardy Bum
Album: Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not
Artist: Arctic Monkeys
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mardy bum // arctic monkeys

Oh there’s a very pleasant side to you
A side I much prefer
It’s one that laughs and jokes around

the golden trio + favorite hq caps


Tiny starfishes I captured in the aquariums of Artis Royal Zoo, Amsterdam

Aaron Johnson + black&white photoshoots



Breaking Bad 3.06 - Sunset


buffy the vampire slayer + season two
I wasn’t ready. But I think I finally am. 

”[River Phoenix] was the oldest of the four of us… and was definitely the coolest. I think that I sort of looked up to him, I admired a lot of things about him… and a lot of what you see on screen very much mirrors the relationship we had in real life.”

- Wil Wheaton, in SNAM’s 2007 interview.

emma watson + dress detail

Happy 20th Birthday, Taissa Farmiga (August 17, 1994)
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